Fleet Security & Logistics

ASIX TRACK & TRACE Solutions for Land Transportation and Security are ideal for efficient fleet management and security of vehicles. The web-based solutions can be customized to provide a wide range of tracking and vehicle data to a central location, depending on user requirements.

  • Regular position reports are sent from assets at intervals determined by the customer.
  • Precise location of each asset can be tracked from any computer via the internet.Position and history details can be shown on digital maps.
  • Exception reports can be sent, flagging issues such as vehicle speeding and idling.
  • When the security of an asset is compromised, a panic button (optional) can be triggered notifying remote personnel of an emergency.
  • When a vehicle moves outside of a customer defined “safe zone” immediate email alert messages or SMS (optional) text messages are automatically sent, raising awareness that the asset has moved away from its intended route.
  • Remote users can request location details for any asset, at anytime.
  • Receive automatic notification when user defined events occur, such as door and fuel tank opening as well as monitoring issues such as seat belt usage.
  • User-friendly web-based application.

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