Working for Asix offers fantastic opportunities to develop a long and rewarding career, with many different career paths to follow. You can become a specialist in a chosen field or you can progress your career by switching to different jobs within the company.

Whether you ultimately pursue your long-term career here or elsewhere, while you are at Asix you will have many opportunities to build your experience and develop your skills and knowledge.

Just about every type of job or function you can imagine is carried out at Asix. From engineers, project managers and maintenance technicians, to analysts, finance and customer service, you will find it here. Take a look at our current list of vacancies to see in detail the types of roles we are currently recruiting for.

The scale of our projects is massive. If you join Asix you are joining a dynamic business that affects millions of people’s lives every day. It’s a real chance to make a real difference.

Within the business, we are organised into functions. Below are the categories may help you think about which area of the business you would like to join.

  • Management
  • Finance & Administration
  • Engineering
  • Technical Assistance
  • Business Development
  • Marketing

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